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Mentor Spotlight

The Mentor Spotlight is a chance for the Ashdon Jazz Academy to celebrate and thank our mentors for the work they've done and continue to do! We shine a light on them by asking for feedback from their mentee's parents/ guardians and as well as delivering this in our monthly group supervision, we have decided to share this across our social media network and here on our website!


We are eternally grateful for the work our mentors do, we wouldn't be able to operate without them! Our mentors are changing the lives of their mentees, one session at a time! 

September 2023 Mentor of the month

AJA September - Mentor of the month_Page_1.jpg

Words from Georgie

"My time as a mentor has been so rewarding. The past 10 months have flown by! We inspire each other to step outside of our comfort zone and have a lot of fun together. I think that non-family relationships between people of different generations are very necessary and something we have sadly lost a lot of in our current culture, so to be able to connect adults with young people is great, as we can learn from each other".


Previous Mentor of the month

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August 2023

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