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Weekly Girls Night

Girls Night is a safe place/ youth club for all young women ages 11-21. It takes place each Wednesday

3.30 - 6.30pm. Supporting wellbeing through creative outlets.

We also provide 1:1 mentoring.


Join us at The Old Library, 14-16 Knights Hill, Norwood, London, SE27 0HY.


Click here to go to the Girls Night page and see what we've been up to recently.

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Women of The World Foundation

This year we are in partnership with the Women of The World Foundation to support our members' understanding of creative careers. The WOW Foundation exists to build, convene and sustain a global movement that believes a gender equal world is desirable, possible and urgently required.


To take part in these activities please contact Trisha at  

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Pottery Club 

Our pottery club runs alongside our drop in session on Wednesdays. We are interested in encouraging young women to develop skills that promote independence, wellbeing and provide the opportunity to experiment with what mediums/materials support their wellbeing. So far we have made small bowls and cups with quick drying clay. We look forward to incorporating the firing process into our pottery club in the year of 2023.


Residential / Connecting With Nature

We are always trying to empower our members to spend more time in nature. We noticed that our young people don't have access and or prolonged amounts of time in rural spaces. This type of limitation affects their ownership and advocacy for these spaces, it also affects their confidence and perception of rural living/ecology. Each year we arrange a residential (sometimes two) to London Youth’s facilities on the edge of London, to take part in a variety of outdoor activities. 



We had someone come in to help us learn how to make podcasts. It was a very good experience. The girls were able to talk about whatever they wanted to, just to get a feel of the recording process.

vision boards.PNG


We really enjoyed making our vision boards. We printed out lots of photos and resources to make and put them together thinking about our aspirations and goals for the 2023.  

Garden of treats.jpg

garden of treats

The Garden of Treats was done in the summer holidays of 2022. We were able to take a class on how to do acrylic nail extensions. It was ideal for the girls because a lot of us already love getting our nails done, so we found it helpful to gain skills to learn how to do ourselves. 

Garden of Treats .jpg
Perfume making.jpg


Perfume making was also done in summer holidays 2022 - We had someone come in with a lot of different essential oils, and the we were able to mix and match which ones we liked to make our own unique formula, writing down how many drops of essential oils we used, to create our own unique receipe.

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