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"Through the WOWsers programme, young people have the opportunity to interact with the festival's content and learn how to turn their passions into art and activism. Please listen to our young women express their own passions and activism. 

Ashdon Jazz Academy presents a series of topic led podcasts in a year which has proved both challenging and rewarding. Young women express ideas, thoughts, feelings and emotions in a undiluted format. Providing young women with the opportunity to speak their truth!!!  

In acknowledgement of Ashdon’s 21st  birthday on the 9th Sepember 2021, Mum Trisha shares some fond precious memories. HAPPY HEAVENLY BIRTHDAY ASHDON.

Satelliser Conversations are recorded and edited by Rohanne Udall at Siobhan Davies Studios with music composed by Jamie Forth and graphics created by John Philip Sage. The Satelliser project is produced by Zarina Rossheart and Janine Harrington. For more information visit:

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