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The charity provide help for vulnerable young women who may be suffering from self-esteem issues, relational bullying, family breakdowns, stress and anxiety, involvement in criminality and gangs, and those who may be at risk of exclusion with a mentor.

The mentors give the girls the opportunity to build up a trusted and mutual relationship for a set period of time, usually 6 months. They will work alongside their identified mentee to work through their needs and discuss desired outcomes and how best to achieve them. During the agreed period the mentor will have regular dialogue with the mentee, whether in person, text, or via phone to help them overcome challenges, moving them forward to recognise their strengths and establish their place in society.


The charity’s ambassadors are young ladies that have been through the mentoring programme, or just attend various events regularly. They have been recognised by the leaders as being positive role models and want to give back to the community. They welcome new girls to the weekly sessions, represent AJA at events, and create their own fundraising opportunities. As ambassadors, we work with them to build up their life skills, leadership techniques, team building, entrepreneurial talents and social responsibilities.

Peer Mentors

The young ladies are aged from 18- 21 and will be allocated an ambassador that they will support in their role as ambassador. The peer mentors would have been taught in the Enhanced Ambassadors Programme enhanced communication and listening skills. As a peer mentor they will continue to develop leadership skills in addition introduction to the charities coaching and mentoring training

Become A Volunteer

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how to become a mentor for Ashdon Jazz Academy

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