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March 2023 Mentor of the month

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Words from Folake

​"When I was 10 years old. I heard the African proverb “Each one, Teach one.” Since then, I vowed to make this ideology my life’s work and have worked in education for nearly 15 years now.  My career of sharing knowledge, educating hundreds of children and inspiring them along their educational journey has been incredibly fulfilling.  However, I craved more.  I wanted to reach young people who were not as engaged as my pupils, I wanted to reach young people who were apathetic and struggling with the woes that modern life creates.  I wanted to influence and motivate children who were struggling, having been a troubled teen myself who was able to turn my life around, I wanted to be a beacon of hope for other young women.

Trisha, CEO of AJA, had once been my mentor at the start of my career, and had offered me the wonderful opportunity of becoming a mentor.  Being a mentor has been awesome! The training and regular supervision provided by the team at AJA has enabled me to develop my skills and professional mentoring practice.  I have been part of mentor relationships that have resulted in developing the confidence, feelings of personal accomplishments and increased self esteem for the young women that I have mentored.  Over hot chocolate we have shared tears, tantrums and laughter.   Over walks in the park or a visit to the museum we have reflected on our deepest fears and our hopes and desires for the future.  Navigating through a crucial point in one’s life: the teenage years, we have worked together to develop positive affirmations and self-love, goals for the future and a desire to become the best version of ourselves.  I have loved being part of the AJA mentoring journey and am flattered that I have been nominated as Mentor of the Month.  Thank you AJA for everything that you do for our community and thank you for allowing me to be a part of this amazing work!"

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